Ruth Marks-Bradford

I am Ruth Bradford from Dallas,Texas. I want to share a little about my journey. I joined the party and became a ItWorks Distributon on August 1, 2012. Since then I have done a complete 360 in my life. Traveling all around the world learning while making many new friends and enjoying the many freedoms you get when you become a independent distributor with ItWorks! Global.

    My motto is God, Family/Friends and then business. ItWorks! Global has been a great addition to my life journey path and it has changed my life spiritually, physically and financially. Our first to market all natural Ultimate Body Applicator is "one-of-a-kind", our Skincare Line is top notch and our all natural health nutrition products are Simply Amazing.  

      Why don't you join me in what will be the greatest transformation story of your life.

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